In case you missed it

I’ve been counting down until the end of September, when I thought life would slow down a bit. Then I looked at my October calendar. And then my November calendar. And then it’s the holidays, so at this rate, it looks like things will calm down…around Martin Luther King Day. Alrighty then.


Now, procrastination isn’t the answer, but a little down time never hurt. Here are some things I found on the Interwebs when I was hiding from my to-do list.

  • You need to make THIS chicken bacon ranch pasta from Chef in Training, now. Seriously. Hubby and I were tempted to eat half the pan in one sitting, and it’s easy enough to throw together on a weeknight. It warms over well, too.
  • THIS story from my husband’s hometown about one family’s attempt to cope with their grief through random acts of kindness after the sudden loss of their 18-year-old daughter gives me a little more faith in humanity. While there are lots of “pay it forward” stories out there, the speed and intentionality of this movement is noteable. Count your blessings, and be a blessing to someone else, today.
  • BooMama’s post about packing travails had me in tears (and not just because I just had a similar whirlwind packing experience last week). And the part about the new iOS 7 alarm sounds? True that, my friend.
  • These aren’t new, but if you haven’t seen these brilliant marketing videos from my friends in higher education at BGSU and BYU, do it. Because external communications: they’re doing it right. Also, grab a Kleenex and watch this student-produced gem. This is why we tell stories.
  • I’m intrigued by new social media sites for neighbors to interact more, like and — but is anyone using them? Any tips for how to get your neighborhood to start using them — or use them to get to know each other better without just knocking on their door and asking them to friend you, all stalker-like?

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