Something wicked

costume 012Y’all.

This Halloween costume tried to kill me.

Come Thursday, it will be fine (I hope), and I’ll have one happy little boy who doesn’t care if it’s perfectly perfect (because it definitely isn’t). But next year? There will be no superheroes.

In case you, too, have gone a bit crazy and you’d like to create your own Super Why costume, here’s what I did:

See my cape tips HERE. I might add that I trimmed the ribbon down and added velcro squares to the end so it doesn’t tie, making it safer. And this is when my sewing machine decided to go five kinds of haywire and not sew a dang thing. The fantastic husband managed to get some stitches out of it, enough to hold the velcro in place, and I called it done. The velcro actually had adhesive on the back, so I’m thinking the needle didn’t like it. In retrospect, I probably should have just stitched it in by hand.

I used THIS McCall’s pattern to make the mask, although in retrospect, I could have freehanded it or found something free online. I had originally bought the pattern thinking I’d use the cape and belt patterns, but didn’t. I ended up freehanding both those shapes.

The belt is simply yellow felt – I measured Owen’s waist and cut two wide strips, sewed them together to make one long strip, and then sewed the ends together to make a circle. I cut out two yellow felt circles (one larger than the other, using something round I had on hand — I think a spray paint can and a Mod Podge jar lid), then sewed them together, and sewed them to the belt itself. I then did one stitch all the way around to attach the belt to the waistband of the underwear so they are all one piece, easy on, easy off. (Side note: problem no. 4423 that I encountered while making this costume was, one, a serious lack of plain blue underwear for little boys, and, two, a lack of any underwear sized to fit a small two-year-old who can still fit into many 18-month sized clothes. I finally found an XS pair as part of a five-pack at Meijer.)

If I thought it was hard finding blue underwear for a small toddler, it was nothing compared to finding a plain green shirt/pant set. I looked everywhere, online and in stores, and nothing. I finally found a pair of long-johns on eBay, which worked great, except they had a yellow stripe down the legs/arms. So I decided to get them and use a seam ripper to take out the strip. Also, the shirt was long-sleeved, and I needed a short-sleeved green shirt with a long-sleeved blue shirt underneath. Did I mention that the ONLY long-sleeved right-sized blue shirt I found said “World’s best big brother” on the front? Seriously. Not even funny.

So, I decided to cut off both sets of sleeves and sew them together to create one top, both for ease of use and to prevent any sibling confusion when Owen sports his costume to school later this week. The result was fabulous. (It didn’t last.) I used printable iron-on transfer paper to add a Super Why logo to the shirt…and this is where things started going downhill, again. In my haste to have this project DONE., I forgot to cut out the iron-on design and instead ironed the entire 8.5×11″ sheet to the front of the shirt. Which is permanent. I tried several things — rubbing alcohol, brown paper bag — to remove the excess iron-on adhesive, only to make it worse.

So, I hopped on Amazon and found some suitable replacements (um, where were they two months ago??), thinking they were Prime purchases and would be here in two days. As it turns out, they weren’t, and on Saturday were only “preparing to be shipped.” So I sent the husband out on a goose chase to find some sort of plain green short-sleeved shirt and plain blue long-sleeved shirt. He is awesome and found both, although the only green shirt he could find was a child’s 4-5. At this point, I made the best of it and hemmed the bottom up by several inches (and you’ll notice I got the logo correct this time, points for that.). I figured it will be tucked into the waistband anyway. And this time, the blue shirt is logo-free (hurray!) so he’ll just wear the larger green shirt over the whole blue shirt.

I can’t decide if I never want to see this outfit after Oct. 31, or if I hope he’s still wearing it come Easter. Probably a little of both.


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