Tackling the Pinterest heap

Hi, friends! While I’m busy wrapping up soon-to-come posts about Owen’s second birthday extravaganza, and the Christmas quiet book I’m almost finished with, here’s something I crafted this week.

pinterest ideas 023 blog

I know some people have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, but for me, I love it. It is a digital version of something I’d been doing for years, which is hanging onto décor, gift and craft ideas for use at a future point in time. It’s my visual bookmarking site, allowing me to easily organize all the websites and ideas that would have either cluttered up my bookmarks toolbar or filled up several filing cabinet drawers.

One problem: like I said, I’ve been collecting ideas for YEARS. Which means I had several folders and filing drawers and Word docs filled with links and torn magazine pages and Post-it-noted catalogs that need to find their way to my Pinterest site. I never have the time to sit and add all of these, at once, to my boards, and frankly, who really wants to spend 10-plus hours doing nothing but cataloging?

So, I came up with a more manageable plan. I used a freestanding hanging file folder organizer, and labeled seven folders each with a day of the week. I also made a quick cover sheet that I taped to the inside front panel using a free chevron background I found online. I just inserted it into a Word doc and added an oval shape with text on top. Trimmed the edges and glued the sheet to a piece of colored cardstock, and called it done.

Then, I added 10 inspiration ideas from my hard-copy stack to each folder, the idea being that I can quickly add 10 ideas to Pinterest each day while watching TV, during naptime or while I eat breakfast. Once I’ve added those 10 ideas, I’ll recycle the pages and add 10 more from the stack. Just knowing I have a system to get the job done makes the difference.

pinterest ideas 011

Since I’m constantly finding inspiration in magazines, catalogs and the like, once I’ve managed to get through my backlog, this should still be a great system for keeping up with the pile (instead of letting it take over).

Interested in what makes the cut? You can follow my boards HERE. Happy


2 thoughts on “Tackling the Pinterest heap

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