Toy Story birthday party: The decorations

centerpieces 7

This is the second post in a series recapping my son’s Toy-Story-themed second birthday party. Go HERE for the initial post, or check out the details on the FOOD and ACTIVITIES.

I used the Toy Story logo and Andy’s room wallpaper as my color scheme (red, blue and yellow, with white and light blue accents). (Or, primary colors. Or, the same color scheme as a Snow White party. Which is why it pays to hang on to old party décor – you never know when it can be repurposed.)


thank you

I ordered the invitations, return address labels and thank-you cards from THIS Etsy shop, Paper Monkey Company. They turned out beautifully, were super affordable and arrived quickly with no errors. I always recommend ordering a few extra than what you’ll think you need so you have them for scrapbooking, or in case the dog drools on one as you’re addressing them, etc. I wanted something that looked less commercial, so these fit the bill.


I made a birthday banner, for above the gift table, to look like classic wooden blocks – I cut squares out of kraft paper, then used my Silhouette to cut out the square trim and letters from solid cardstock (the font is Cooper Black). I glued a long length of ribbon along the backside to join the blocks, and then folded a long piece of ribbon in half and attached it to the back of each end cap letter to make it easy to hang using small clear Command hooks.


wreath 2

Another quick project was this wreath – the best part is it’s all completely removable, so I could use the wreath again for something else. I started with a plain straw wreath form from Hobby Lobby, then wrapped wide yellow ribbon around it, starting and ending with a floral pick to secure it in place. I did the same thing with some thin blue ribbon, wrapping it in the empty space the yellow ribbon didn’t cover. I made a quick red ribbon bow (I have a Bowdabra – don’t judge), and stuck that on the side with a floral pick, then grabbed a mini Woody figurine and attached him inside the bow’s center with another pick. Last, I painted a wooden number 2 that I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics, then hot-glued a floral pick to the back of it to attach it to the wreath. So take all those picks out, and you once again have a plain straw wreath form. Ta-da!

main table 6

My favorite pieces, though, were the two “Andy’s wallpaper” backdrops I made, one for the photo booth (more on that HERE) and one for the main display. I bought twin-sized flat sheets from Walmart (I think they cost $7 each) and used my Silhouette to cut out the cloud shapes. Then, I glued the clouds to the sheet (which I had washed and ironed first) using craft glue (I like Aleene’s). Last, I added a row of grommets at the top for easy hanging with small, clear Command hooks. (Side note: You can spend $25 or more on a device that looks like a hole-punch to snap the grommets together, but I went for the cheaper option and bought only the grommets and had the husband hammer them together. It took all of five minutes. And now I kind of want to add grommets to everything.)

For the photo booth, I used the full length of the sheet, so that it stretched from the ceiling to the floor, but was still wide enough to fit 3-4 people in a photo, including the background.

For the main display backdrop, I measured from our ceiling to just past the table where the food would go, and cut the sheet to size, just to save myself from having the extra bulk to lug around or spend more time than I needed to gluing on clouds. You could also just mark where the sheet will stop being visible, and know not to add clouds past it. I also added an “Owen Turns 2” logo that I made using colored poster board and my Silhouette. I used clear packing tape (although duct tape or similar would be fine, too – it’s just what I had on hand), cut into strips and rolled end-to-end on the back of the logo, to attach the sign to the backdrop. It didn’t budge, even several days after the party ended.

centerpieces 9

For centerpieces, I bought 4” square cardboard boxes from eBay and used a black Sharpie to label them as seen in the Toy Story films: New House, Andy’s Room, Yard Sale, Attic, College, Sunnyside. Then, I added colored tissue paper and a few small Toy Story character figurines to each box, and lined them up on the tables on top of printed scrapbook paper (which I purchased from THIS Etsy shop, Delightful Digitals). I spent several weeks perusing eBay, toy stores and the like for miniature Toy Story figurines, and supplemented with some of our own small toys, too. In retrospect, I would have laminated those sheets and attached them all together into one big runner so they looked more “finished,” but the effect was still cute.

andy artwork

I added simple solid-covered plastic tablecloths, table skirts and balloons (using an at-home helium tank, and weights I had leftover from a previous party), and printed out THIS artwork to put up in the dining room. I used masking tape to stick them on the wall, but you could also string a ribbon banner and clip them up that way. How cute would they be interspersed with photos of the birthday boy/girl? I also made signs using a crayon-style font (HERE) announcing the different “stations” of the party, and attached them crosswise to solid-colored cardstock:

woody sign

Woody & Friends’ Saloon (food & drinks)

Pizza Planet Arcade (games)

Al’s Toy Barn (gifts & photo booth)

The Attic (quiet space, for anyone needing a break from the action)

The birthday boy got to wear some décor, too; I ordered THIS custom T-shirt on Etsy (Carlie Anna Boutique).

Nothing too extreme; but it’s the details that make it a party.


9 thoughts on “Toy Story birthday party: The decorations

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  2. Can I get your “owen turns 2” design? This is exactly what I am looking for but I cant find a stenil anywhere and cant free hand.


    • Hi Kim! I just used the Cooper Black font (download it free HERE) to cut out the letters on my Silhouette, then glued them together. And of course I didn’t save my Silhouette file 🙂 I would think you could use Microsoft Word to create the letter stencils too. Good luck!


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