You go, girl

Hi, friends! I’ve been out of pocket for spring break and a visit from the parents — lots of spoiling happening ’round these parts.

It’s Pi day, and unless you count my chicken pot pie, they aren’t my forte, so no contributions here. But, March is also Women’s History Month, and I just came across several campaigns that I think are fabulous. Share and spread the love — we go, girls!

here's to strong women

This public service campaign to #banbossy has taken off, and I kind of love it. But I was also one of those “bossy” girls.

The second annual Global Moms Relay is raising funds now through Mother’s Day to improve the health and wellness of mamas worldwide. And all it takes is a second to like or share through social media, and Johnson & Johnson will donate $1. Love.

I adore Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls movement.

How cool is this? Betabrand used female Ph.D.’s instead of models to display its new clothing line.

The stats nerd in me found this fascinating: “Who Runs the (Social Media) World? Girls.”

These double standards are sad, but true — and in a concise video format, to boot.

If you haven’t yet seen Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, grab a tissue (or, the whole box) and do it. Now.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of mama/Owen time with the hubs entrenched in trainings and meetings. That plus 60-degree weather is enough for me!


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