I started my morning at work with a long conversation about today’s Throwback Thursday plans. Which my intern listened to for 15 minutes before reminding me it’s Wednesday.

Clearly, caffeine is no match for me. I also obviously need to think twice as hard about projects before jumping full-steam-ahead into them.

Like our breakfast nook, for example. I fell in love with THIS gingham wall treatment from Southern Living, and when we moved in to this house, knew it would be perfect in the kitchen. We used the exact same paint colors as the SL example, and followed the directions to the letter, but are still going to need a “do-over” to get it right. Some thoughts from my dear husband, who has born the brunt of this project:

1) Make sure you use a good paint roller, and ONLY do one coat. I’m used to making sure paint fully covers the color underneath, but for the gingham effect to work, you need both sets of stripes to be translucent and not solid. I failed to realize that, and did three coats on the horizontal stripe – one because I thought it was too light, and another because my original roller sucked and left the paint very patchy and uneven. I highly recommend a mini-sized wall/ceiling roller.

2) When placing your horizontal stripes, make sure they start in the middle of the wall, not along the ceiling. We didn’t do that, and as a result, it looks like some weird solid border along the top of the wall, with checkerboard beneath. Um, no.

3) We measured our stripes at 12” each, but when we redo it, we’ll try 10” instead. The 12” seems too wide and chunky for the space.

He used a laser level, perched on a ladder, to make sure the tape lines were consistent, which I HIGHLY recommend. Overall, this is a tedious project but even with the mistakes and missteps, you can see the potential.

At least I’m prepared to rock Throwback Thursday tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “#WakeupWednesday

  1. Your husband is a very good sport. If I were him, I would have been so frustrated I would have given up and painted it all one of the darker colors. 😛


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