Tennessee sounds good to me

Fun fact of the day: June 1 is Statehood Day in Kentucky and Tennessee. Now you’ll be well-prepared for your Jeopardy debut (you’re welcome).

According to the wonderful Interwebs, this holiday celebrates the states’ admissions as the 15th and 16th states of the United States and also serves as a reminder of the importance of civic involvement.

As a Tennessee native who’s spent the last decade living north of the Mason-Dixon, I love finding new ways to give a shout-out to the good ol’ Iris State. There’s a vintage copy of the sheet music to “Tennessee Waltz” that’s been calling my name for a wall art treatment. Beautifying my home counts as civic involvement if I invite people over, right?

Here are my favorite bits of homeland inspiration. Who knows? I might even feel generous and through a couple of Pennsylvania pieces into the mix for my hubby. Bless their hearts.


How cool are these from Stately Tables? I’m thinking man cave.

penmeetpaper easy state print

LOVE these designs by penmeetpaper on Etsy. I want all of them (even though I’ve never even been to most).


Oh, Martha Stewart. As a cross-stitcher, I’m especially fond of this map art idea.


You can’t go wrong with burlap anything. [Source: Beccas Bits and Pieces on Etsy]

maps kayla danelle

This one from Kayla Danelle? Is happening. My home state, hubby’s home state, our current state.


Who doesn’t love something easy and free? Such cute printables at Fab n’ Free.

diy watercolor state art

Gorgeous (via Mrs. Fancee). This would look lovely in my foyer, I think.

bottle cap state art from beneath my heart

I want someone to make the bottle cap state art from Beneath My Heart for me. I’d love to see this done with buttons, too.

Now, excuse me while I go try to remember how to play “Rocky Top” on my flute.


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