Dad’s biggest fan

father's day game ticket bookmark chicago cubs

Considering the amount of time my dad spent perched in kid-sized chairs, listening to teachers recount my latest tall tale, he likely deserves more than the following craft project I whipped up for him this weekend.

The preschool parent-teacher conference happened because I stormed off to the bathroom and refused to come out after they served spaghetti with green beans. The combination apparently offended me. (Seriously? That’s an awful pairing. And props to me for being decisive and sticking to my guns.)

The kindergarten meet-up occurred because I (very solemnly) informed my teacher that “my daddy took all our money and flew away and left us,” causing her to highjack my mother with grief pamphlets. (I was not, for the record, entirely incorrect: I saw my mom give my dad some cash before he boarded a flight to a weekend conference. He returned two days later — and delivered me to my classroom, and waved to the teacher, the rest of the year.)

And so on.

A few months ago, my son informed his daycare classroom that he was getting a little sister. This was news to me — and his teachers truly believed I was being shy when I told them as much.

It turns out those pint-sized chairs aren’t as comfortable as they look.

This project took me all of 10 minutes, plus the time waiting for the ticket to come in — a perfect last-minute gift or favor idea. My dad is a long-suffering Cubs fan, so I perused eBay until I found an old game ticket from the year I was born (i.e., the year he became a father) for a whopping $3. I cut out a bookmark shape from blue card stock using my Silhouette, glued the ticket to it and laminated the whole thing. I trimmed around the outside and added a piece of red satin ribbon to the top, putting a bit of FrayCheck liquid on the ends to prevent unraveling.

At least I grew up and turned those stories into something productive — we’re still waiting on our dear Cubbies to do the same ;).


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