Travel planning (free printables!)

travel planner printable

Confession: I sometimes appreciate stormy Saturdays. It’s nice to have an “excuse” to stay in and tackle the to-do list without feeling guilty that we’re missing the sunshine.

Right now, my to-do list involves unpacking and catching up on house chores, since we just got back from a weeklong vacay to visit family.

travel planner printable

I mentioned my home management binder earlier this year when I outlined my annual chore calendar, and one of the tabs in it is Travel. I always have a better trip when it’s well-planned and stress-free. Mine has three parts:

1) Going-away checklist – Things to take care of, pick up, or do prior to departure day.

travel planner printable going away checklist2) Wardrobe planner – I find it super helpful to plan out all of our outfits before I even start packing. That way, I don’t forget clothes for a specific situation (swimming, amusement park, wedding, etc.), and can set them aside and be sure not to wear them too close to leaving — or, make sure I’ve done laundry well in advance. In case it’s something special I haven’t worn in awhile, it also gives me plenty of time to fix a loose button, for instance.

travel planner printable daily wardrobe list

3) Packing lists, for both adults and children – I don’t care how often I pack, I.will.forget.something. And while it’s true that most items are easily findable at convenience stores at your destination, some aren’t, and really, the last thing I want to do after driving 8 hours is swing by the Walmart.

travel planner printable packing list - adult

4) Documents and notes – I include an extra sheet protector for notes and papers related to our trip, such as directions, event invitations, the latest airline baggage guidelines, etc.

Safe travels!


5 thoughts on “Travel planning (free printables!)

  1. I love these lists — so very helpful. The packing list will be very helpful as I’m traveling a lot for conferences. One suggestion though: I didn’t see “sunscreen” and/or “sunhat” on the packing list. Always good to have sun protection, especially if you’re traveling to an area with more sun than you’re used to!


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