Fridge clutter keeper

DIY fridge clutter keeper | The Sensible Home

As much as I dislike our fridge, it’s what we’ve got. If I can’t love its inside, I can at least love its outside, right?

And having random magnets, papers and pictures strewn across the front and falling off every time I go for some milk is not my definition of love.

I made a list of the things we used the fridge-as-bulletin-board for, then came up with an organized station to meet those needs — all hanging out along the side of the fridge, still within easy access but less front and center.

DIY fridge clutter keeper | The Sensible Home

At the top is a basic dry erase board for jotting down shopping list items or household directions (i.e., feed the dog) immediately as they come to mind. I found this one for $7 at Staples during a 20% off promotion.

DIY fridge clutter keeper with printable quotes | The Sensible Home

Below that is a simple 4×6″ frame that I had on hand. I spray painted it, Krylon’s Almond (I have to take a minute to rave about this spray paint. It sprays and goes on ridiculously evenly and dries in about 10 minutes. TEN.), glued magnets to the back so it’s moveable, and printed out a quote to fill it. My idea is to change it out weekly or so, and because it’s magnetic I can turn it vertically or horizontally. You know all those cute inspirational pins you keep liking on Pinterest? Yeah, print ’em and hang ’em somewhere that makes you smile!

DIY fridge clutter keeper printable calendar | The Sensible Home

The bottom element is a clear plastic Martha Stewart Home Office pocket, also found at Staples. It has a large adhesive strip on the back that works like a Command strip — it removes without leaving residue. I preferred that over magnets for paperwork, since it tends to drag down magnets. In the front of the pocket I put a cute year at-a-glance printable calendar (after I laminated it so it would stand up straight) — I’m constantly glancing at monthly calendars or having conversations with the hubs about what’s happening when, and it’s a lot easier to glance at the fridge then unlock my phone and scroll through my apps. (Sorry, Apple. Let’s still be friends.)

Behind the calendar are two vertical file folders (same Martha line), one for action items that need to be taken care of immediately. Like coupons expiring this week, or a card with the water department’s contact information so we can call and ask them (again) to kindly return and fill the huge hole they dug in our yard. Ahem. The second folder is for printed recipes to try. Our tried-and-true recipes are on my Demy, and I hate cooking from my iPad or laptop because it inevitably gets dirty or goes to sleep before I want it to.

I’m toying with putting some sort of title along the top of the clear pouch, in the white space above the file folders, but I’m not sure what. Command Center? Our House? To-Do’s? I’ll sit on it for a bit. In my world, you can never have enough labels.

DIY fridge clutter keeper | The Sensible Home

Ahhh. That makes me feel better already. Even if seven ice cubes did just drop into the back of the freezer (arrrrrggghhhhh).


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