How to get a toddler ready for school

how to get a toddler ready for school the sensible home

[Wake up to the sound of plastic hitting wood crib slats.]

“Mama. I waked up!”

“Good morning, Owen!”

“Hiiiii, mama! Hiiiii, daddy! I walking in my bed. I saw a rainbow. Did you see the rainbow?”

“I don’t see a rainbow. We walk on the carpet, not on the bed. Let’s get dressed!”

“I want to read you a book. I read the one with the polar bears.”

“The one with the polar bears dancing?”

“No, they don’t know how to dance. That’s silly.”

“That’s how the book goes. It says, ‘When the polar bears heard, they danced until dawn.'”

“Nooo, they can’t dance. [Singing] Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday wooooohooooo!”

“Hiiiii, Murphy! Bless you, Murphy. Murphy sneezed, mama. I give him a hug.”

“Owen, come sit down so we can change clothes.”

“I bring Benny Tiger.”

“I thought his name was Tiger.”

“No. It’s Benny Tiger. He sit riiiiigght there.”

[The child is finally dressed.]

“Ribbit ribbit ribbit hop hop hop I a frog! I want to eat pancakes with ‘eanut butter.”

[Five minutes later.]

“I no like ‘eanut butter! I no want it!”

“Owen, it’s time to get in the car to go to school.”

“I bring onnnnneee toy. I bring the chip!” [Picks up plastic pretend-food potato chip. Naturally.]

[Drive into the school parking lot.]

“Mama, I didn’t brush my teeth. I DIDN’T BRUSH MY TEETH!!”

Happy Friday! :).


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