Happy birthday, The Sensible Home!

the sensible home one year blogaversary collageWell, that went fast.

the sensible home one year blogaversary wrapup best posts

One year ago today, I put digital pen to paper and opened this humble space to share my thoughts on home, family and the threads in between. Happy blogaversary to me! I’m so looking forward to continuing this journey.

In honor of my 12 months of blogging, here are a dozen posts that you visited the most.

toy story party cake cookies

1. Toy Story birthday party: The food / The decorations / The activities (Wherein I lose my mind and host three families over two nights for a toddler birthday extravaganza — and everyone survives.)

christmas quiet book with text

2. Christmas quiet book look-through (Wherein I learn to sew by crafting a book we’ll only use four weeks a year. Only 146 days until Christmas, y’all.)

Go Dog Go party cupcakes & cake pops

3. Go, Dog, Go! birthday party (Wherein I host a birthday party for my golden retriever. #sorrynotsorry)

diy embellished teacher clipboards

4. Teacher gifts: DIY embellished clipboards (Wherein my baby grows up.)

turquoise fuchsia laundry room reveal diy

5. Turquoise-and-fuschia laundry room reveal (Wherein I finish decorating the second room in my house…and the room least likely for guests to frequent. #winning)

annual household chore system tickler file

6. Organizing chaos (my annual household chore system) (Wherein I make “Upload to Pinterest” a legitimate household task.)

dropcloth curtain fail

7. 99 problems and drop cloth curtains are one (Wherein I swear at hardware store fabric.)

mother's day & kitchen stories

8. The stories my kitchen tells (Wherein I make my sister cry.)

how to get a toddler ready for school the sensible home

9. How to get a toddler ready for school (Wherein I explain what it’s like to hear “Good morning, mama! I have two ankles.” on the daily.)

cleaning vera bradley bags

10. Paisley productivity (Wherein I voluntarily spend a three-day weekend doing more laundry.)

super why halloween costume toddler diy

11. Something wicked (Wherein I swear at craft store fabric.)

bright and colorful organized playroom

12. Getting to know you: Adventures in homemaking (and playroom reveal) (Wherein my son’s playroom is clean and calm for 0.5 seconds.)


Thank you all so much for following along with me! It’s satisfying to document these sensible attempts among the crazy; but it’s more exciting to share it.


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