Best week ever (an antique store haul)

antique vintage turquoise typewriter etc.

I’m living my own version of the old VH1 show. (Side note: If Popup Video ever makes a comeback, I will binge watch that in a hot minute.)

Last week, I crossed lots more off my to-do list than anticipated, had an impromptu girls’ night at a paint and sip studio, and congratulated my best childhood friend on the birth of her first (and much-anticipated) child. To top it off, I won a $50 gift card to my favorite local antique store, Southern Charm, after swinging by their store the week prior for their one-year anniversary celebration. I joked as I threw my name in the pot — my mother wins raffles she doesn’t even enter; me, not so much. I never ever win door prizes, so this truly was the cherry on top of an incredible week.

(If you’re near Dayton, add this shop to your list. They have such an eye for both high-quality antiques but also what’s trending on Pinterest and home decor magazines, their goods are priced incredibly well and it’s all laid out beautifully — plus, their turnover is high so it seems you never see the same setup twice.)

I’m holding onto that gift card for awhile, but I of course found a few odds and ends when I stopped by originally.

antique vintage turquoise typewriter etc.

A 1950s Tom Thumb child’s typewriter in a lovely teal — going in my living room (with special appearances at parties, I expect.)

antique vintage eskimo table fan etc.

A 1940s Eskimo table fan — that still works! Although I frightened the hubby when I tried it out — let’s just say it’s not child-safe, friends. This is destined for the guest room, I think.

antiques vintage folding ruler, etc.

I have visions of making something like THIS with this folding ruler. Or, it does stand up well on its own — maybe using it to hold old photos?

antiques vintage desktop clock, etc.

I have a thing for clocks, especially old clocks (and ones that aren’t digital). This one also still works! With a bit of paint, it could go anywhere. Master bedroom, perhaps?

Here’s hoping this week can live up to the same standard as last’s. If all else fails? I just found Popup Video reruns on YouTube. You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Best week ever (an antique store haul)

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  2. Nice haul! I haven’t been in an antique store since Southern Vintage closed. They said they were going to get new building, but as far as I know they haven’t. Oh, well, it just saves me from the whole “It’s so pretty!” “Yes, but where would you put it?” “But it’s so pretty!” internal arguments 😉


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