Throwback Thursday: Kid-at-Heart 30th Birthday

kid at heart 30th birthday party diy

This is still one of my favorite parties. Probably because I snuck in some NKOTB.

For the husband’s 30th birthday a few (ahem) years ago, I hosted a “kid at heart” themed party at home. Chicken nuggets, board games, a playlist of the top five songs each year since 1980 — what’s not to love? Except for the fact that it was a cold, very rainy day that prevented use of anything yard-related, it was a great time.

kid at heart 30th birthday party diy

I designed the invite in Photoshop, using digital scrapbooking papers and a childhood photo. I sent it as an eCard using (formerly Pingg), which I love because of its extensive RSVP system. You can set up a potluck, include a map and directions or other special instructions, and it will automatically send reminders to guests who haven’t opened or answered the email. I went with a primary color scheme, but slightly faded to give it more of an adult vibe.

kid at heart 30th birthday party diyThe menu consisted of standard kid fare: PB&J and ham & cheese (crusts cut off, natch); chicken nuggets; mac & cheese; jello; and cake (chocolate or vanilla bean cupcakes for guests, a smash cake for the birthday boy). We also served lemonade, tea and Lil’ Hugs fake juice boxes (Which I am philosophically opposed to, but went with the theme, so hey. But I spent the next six months trying to get rid of them.)

For activities, I put together three mini scrapbooks (found at Big Lots), each featuring a page of photos of the guest of honor from the previous 30 years and had them circulate around as guests mingled. We also had a stack of popular children’s board games that we set up on guest tables, and a clipboard with “30 Things Jeffrey Should Do Before Turning 40” that guests could add to, which seemed to be the biggest hit. Imagine, people like telling other people what to do. 🙂

kid at heart 30th birthday party diy


For favors, I found mini packs of Play-Do and used printable sticker paper to add party labels to the top. I bought waaaay too many of these and still have a few lying around (and that’s after I stuffed several stockings — for two Christmases in a row).

kid at heart 30th birthday party diy

Since I don’t have any parties on the horizon, reliving them is the next best thing. Plus, you can’t beat the cleanup. But the 1980 to today playlist? I won’t lie, it’s still rockin’.

kid at heart 30th birthday party diy


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