It was 99 cents

Tips for thrifting & shopping secondhand #NationalThriftShopDay

Oops. I thrifted again.

I hadn’t planned to do any thrifting on our weekend visiting family, but I couldn’t help a small detour into a new secondhand shop. I picked up just a few things, including another rolling pin. I might need help. But, today is National Thrift Shop Day, so really, I was just being patriotic. Excuses for the win.

Because I like to celebrate this holiday every day, here are some of my favorite resources for being smart while scouring thrift shops:

8 Tips for Successful Thrift Shopping via Lizzie Diana’s. Smart, simple advice, along with some great links to additional resources (like a Zip-code based thrift store finder).

9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Thrift Shopping Experience via Black and Married with Kids. Sensible tips for finding and buying previously-loved clothing.

Second-Hand Shopping: How to Save at Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops via Money Crashers. Good points to keep in mind for keeping your wallet in check.

Thrift Store Gold: Seasoned Pros’ Best Tips To Buying Second Hand via Her Site. An in-depth guide to thrifting — and I can vouch for the adrenaline rush you get when getting something perfect for next to nothing.

21 Inspiring Thrift Store Transformations via An Oregon Cottage. So much to love in these ideas for upcycling and repurposing. I’m adding old men’s shirts and knit blankets to my in-search-of list now.

Happy shopping!


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