“Tuna toast!”

creamed tuna on toast easy weeknight 10-minute meal

Last week, I had two night meetings, my husband had one. This coming week, my husband has two night meetings; I have one. Which pretty much describes a light week in our household. I can’t wait to see the scheduling gymnastics when we throw in “big kid” activities to the 4-9 p.m. mix.

This recipe is an oldie but goodie a la my mom, who will have to chime in with its origin because I’ve forgotten. Betty Crocker cookbook? Good Housekeeping magazine? One of my kitchen-wiz aunts? No idea. But, it was one of the first things she learned to make without having to give up the pan as a dog dish, so it’s (a) easy, and my little brother subsisted on it his entire junior year of college, so it’s (b) nutritious. And quick. And crowd-pleasing. Making it the perfect 10-minute weeknight meal when you want to avoid the drive-through but have no time for anything else. It warms up easily the next day; I often double the recipe to ensure we have leftovers.

Creamed Tuna

1/2 stick butter (I use salted)

1 can tuna, drained (I prefer white albacore)

1 Tbsp. cornstarch

Milk (Yeah, no measurements. Thanks mom. Just eyeball it — you want enough milk to turn the sauce more milk-y and less butter-y, but not so much that it is soupy and doesn’t thicken.)

Sandwich bread, toasted (I use wheat as a general rule anyway, but it’s really awesome in this. The denser texture holds up well to the sauce.)

Melt butter in small saucepan over medium heat. Add tuna, then cornstarch. Stir well. Add milk, following directions above and stirring constantly, about 8-10 minutes, over medium-high heat. You want the sauce to thicken and be a nice, creamy consistency, like an alfredo sauce. Serve warm over hot toast.

Delish. Owen calls it “tuna toast” and is a big fan. Not sure who invented it — but I’m keeping the tradition alive, regardless.

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