Chalk it up

DIY easy chalkboard jars

I thought chalkboard paint was the greatest thing ever when we revamped Owen’s playroom.

I was wrong.

Chalkboard SPRAY paint is the best thing ever. Seriously. It smells a whole lot better than the wall paint version and takes 10 times less time to use. Which is exactly what I needed when I found myself scrambling to make some materials for a trade show promotional booth that I should have thought of a month ago. Ahem.

DIY easy chalkboard jars

I grabbed three old glass jars destined for the recycle bin, gave them each two coats of chalkboard spray paint (letting dry in between), and boom — you have a cute, multi-use jar that will first be used to hold promotional pens. I painted the lids with regular spray paint, too, although they’ll need another coat or two. At least they’re not part of the table plan (phew). After that? Who knows. They’d be super cute holding markers and crayons in Owen’s playroom, though.

DIY easy chalkboard jars

Next up: Some sort of chalk-writing handwriting course. Needs some work, no?

Stay tuned for more last-minute conference-table hacks from an occasional procrastinator. Happy holiday weekend!


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