(Organized) adventures in babysitting

babysitter notebook templates

Back-to-school time means back-to-meeting time for us. We are so thankful for good babysitters! But with the craziness that is our life, I needed something permanent that could be changed easily for each sit but not mean reinventing the wheel. Enter our babysitter notebook.


  • Our Story  A brief history of our little family, told in a brief timeline format. Highlights, milestones, major events.
  • Owen’s Family Tree  An org-chart style listing of his immediate family members and what he calls them, plus where they live.
  • Kid Information  Everything the sitter needs to know about Owen, from routines to likes/dislikes to allergies and medicines.
  • Pet Information  When you sit for us, you get an 80-pound flurry of fur, too. This sheet details his food, routine and what’s off limits.
  • House Information  Instructions for computer and television use, rules for food and guests, and quirks (We’re fixing the doorbell. Promise.)
  • Emergency Information  How to describe our house to first responders, plus contact information for emergency personnel and relatives.
  • Sitter Information  Specifics on mom and dad’s whereabouts, contact info and event for that day’s sit.
  • Sitter Checklist  A comprehensive list of tasks and don’t-forget things to cover.
  • What’s New  A note sheet to give the sitter any updates or big changes since the last visit.
  • Notes  A place for the sitter to leave feedback and information for us.

I placed them all in sheet protectors so I can use a dry erase marker each time instead of printing new sheets. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

babysitter notebook templates{Chocolate paper and ribbon from Papertrey Ink; Quatrefoil background printable HERE.}

Get your own blank template of my guide HERE. And then find a babysitter so you can go rent the 1987 cult classic Adventures in Babysitting. It’s worth it, trust me. Just don’t be tempted to yell “Get out of my house!” at the sitter on her way out :).

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