Blocks to burritos: Repurposing toy containers

repurposing toy block containers

Vegetable oil is my new friend.

I needed a storage solution for my son’s 100-piece (maybe not, but it feels like it) plastic pretend food set, so I grabbed a chunky block box and dumped its contents into a larger, same-brand block tub. Then, I set about removing its large plastic label from both sides. Originally, I used THIS method, since I’d used it several times previously with genius results. The problem? It apparently only works on glass containers, not plastic. The label stayed put.

repurposing toy block containers

After some Googling, I decided to try vegetable oil. I was a bit skeptical, but figured it was worth a shot. It worked like a charm, but it did take four soaks — it seemed like it wouldn’t penetrate the label fully, just the edge, so I had to soak it, peel, soak, peel, etc. I just poured a bit on and spread it around with either my hand or a silicone pastry brush (whichever was closer) and left it to soak for 24 hours or so in my laundry room utility tub. Once the labels were finally removed, I ran it through the dishwasher for a good cleaning.

Last, I used my Silhouette to cut out a new play food label (the frame is the Silhouette Store‘s free shape of the week this week!) in white vinyl. New toy storage solution, for free, done in a (couple of) days.

repurposing toy block containers

Even if all 100+ pretend food pieces will likely live outside of the box more often than not. 🙂


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