Energy in a Jar labels

I’m like a unicorn: One of those people who pins all the things, but actually references them or tries them or remembers the tips.

Except when it comes to teacher appreciation gifts. Then, it’s definitely a case of window shopping without any follow-through.

So when my son’s parent-teacher organization decided to create gifts for our teachers in honor of World Teacher’s Day on Oct. 5, I was more than happy to be part of a collaborative — rather than individual — team effort

Energy in a Jar teacher appreciation gift labels{Source? — If you know it, leave me a message so I can add it here!}

One parent found this inspiration idea on Pinterest for “Energy in a Jar,” featuring a cute poem and a healthy, stress-busting trail mix. I created these poem jar labels, and another parent purchased the jar supplies and assembled them. Another team of parents will help distribute them in person next week. They’re happy, I’m happy, everyone’s happy (and not overloaded).

Part of taking on tasks in a committee setting is knowing what’s doable to you. I knew I could create some jar labels quickly over a lunch break, so I volunteered for that first. I purchased the backgrounds as fall-themed digital scrapbook paper from the Etsy shop Just Be Yourself, then pulled each paper up in Photoshop to crop it to a vertical 3×5” rectangle. Then, I just used a Word document to pull in the background images and add a white text box on top, copying the poem using Tekton Pro Bold font. The text box border and font are both in a dark brown to complement the fall paper.

Energy in a Jar teacher appreciation gift labels{Energy in a Jar Labels}

Easy peasy. But I still wouldn’t mind having some of that energy boost for myself.

See my one teacher appreciation gift success thus far, DIY embellished clipboards, HERE.


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