Spooky-fast Halloween decor

DIY easy fast Halloween decor

Yesterday around 7:17 p.m., I got the urge to decorate my front entry table for Halloween. Because that’s what sane people do on a random Thursday two weeks before the holiday. Ahem.

I don’t have a lot of Halloween decorations, mostly because I’ve focused on getting the decor I want year-round in place first, but I wanted to get this tableau done ASAP so it was a shop-the-house exercise. Here’s what I came up with (in less than an hour).

DIY easy fast Halloween decor

I wanted to do a basic swap-out of items, so I kept roughly the same texture/color scheme as my coastal-inspired shabby chic foyer setup. I grabbed three things I already had: a Trick or Treat burlap-like bag and orange wax pumpkin, both purchased from Ballard Designs‘ clearance circa 2008; and a Lizzie Kate Boo! Club Double Flips cross-stitch I finished around the same time. (Side note: the Lizzie Kate Double Flip series is one of my all-time favorite patterns; I want them ALL. I did the Christmas Spirit one as well and they are just so fun.)

DIY easy fast Halloween decor

The wax pumpkin was looking a bit toy-like in the space, so I pulled some orange gingham cotton out of my fabric stash (I originally bought it to make my son’s trick-or-treat bag last year). Here’s the very scientific tutorial for creating a fabric-covered pumpkin: Lay out the fabric. Pull it up around the pumpkin, shove the ends inside, and grab the masking tape you have laying in your junk drawer behind you to hold down two errant pieces that don’t quite reach. Head to the basement and pull a dark-green gingham bow off a wreath you’re not currently using to stick on top. Ta-da. Instant Halloween country chic.

I swapped out the painted books for three black ones — I think I have some black wrapping paper somewhere (leftover from my wedding, of all the things to keep), but I didn’t actually pursue it. Maybe next year.

DIY easy fast Halloween decor

The chalkboard Anne of Green Gables quote printable came from Sincerely, Sara D. (thanks, Pinterest!), as featured on Unexpected Elegance, and the frame is one I’ve had for several years. SO cute — and I love that it’s a not-so-common fall quote.

I made the burlap BOO banner in about five minutes — I just cut three triangles from burlap in my stash, strung them together with twine and masking tape (seriously), and used a glue dot roller to adhere black paper die-cut letters (I found several packs on the Walmart clearance aisle a few months ago and knew they’d come in handy). I was going to use a sharpie and freehand it, but then I remembered those and it was even faster.

Done! The irony, of course, is that when trick-or-treaters come, the door opens from right to left, so it covers this table. But it’s enough that we’ll enjoy it for a few weeks — and now I have a head start on some decorations for next year.


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