Speaking of cranberries

Thanksgiving recipe roundup @ The Sensible Home{Me, hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner nearly five years ago.}

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner in our house, the dog shows the most restraint. He spends the day quietly waiting for turkey scraps — granted, he does so parked firmly in front of the slow-cooking roaster, but still. He’s patient.

The same can’t be said for the rest of us. Thus, my turkey day menu now must include an assortment of appetizers and operate on the assumption that the bread — which produces two loaves — will be finished by noontime so one loaf can be sliced and shared.

See my Thanksgiving planner and production schedule HERE.

Raw Veggie Tray

Mixed Nuts


Cheese ball | The Sensible Home


Cheese Ball

I can’t recall where I picked this recipe up, but I’ve had it for years and it’s a go-to for more than just Thanksgiving. Ask me to bring a dish to any potluck, party or meeting and you’ll most likely get this. Serve with your choice of dippers; I love Wheat Thins with this.

Get the recipe HERE.


We go big — I’m pretty sure my husband’s incapable of purchasing turkeys less than 20 lbs. — to accommodate lots of second helpings and leftovers for sandwiches, soup, pot pies, etc. No oven for us; we’re a diehard roaster-on-the-side family. I found ours at Macy’s several years ago on clearance for $20 or so, and we wouldn’t be able to cook anything else without it. Clean up the turkey, throw it in the roaster, rub with cooking oil, put on the lid. Six hours later, you have dinner. Done.

Grandma Mary’s Stuffing

I’m (gasp) not a stuffing eater myself, but my husband swears by this recipe, which comes from my grandmother. Goes in our oven, not in our turkey. Smells awesome (even if you’re not partaking.)

Get the recipe HERE.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Nothing fancy here — just lots of classic mashed goodness and Heinz roasted turkey gravy from a jar. If you have any leftover gravy, throw it together with the turkey and veggies and bake at 350 for 15 minutes or so. Instant casserole!

Corn Casserole

This has been an on-again, off-again Thanksgiving side dish for us, but is delish in its own right with other meals, too. I’m sure it’s a recipe floating around a lot of places, but mine came from a cousin when I got my first apartment. My mom put out a call to all the women in my family to send me a recipe to start building my home, and this was one. (Find out how I am including these women in my kitchen HERE.)

Get the recipe HERE.

Green Bean Casserole

Here’s where things get really exciting: this recipe is from the good people at Campbell’s. Don’t mess with success. (Unless you want to get real crazy, and substitute crushed potato chips for the French fried onions. Delish.)

Get the recipe HERE.

Sweet Potato Casserole OR Sweet Potatoes w/Marshmallows

This is a debate that goes back and forth — to dress up the sweet potatoes, or not. Half of us say do, half of us say don’t. So we go back and forth. (Personally, I think my casserole is a happy medium since it has dual toppings, but whatevs. Purists.) The casserole recipe is from Southern Living several years ago and is to die for. The kind with marshmallows? I think was invented by the pilgrims.

Get the recipe HERE (casserole) or HERE (plain, except we use fresh sweet potatoes, not canned).


Two cans. One whole, one jellied. Ocean Spray, always.

Cheese bread | The Sensible Home

Cheese Braid w/Butter

The pièce de résistance, as it where. Find the recipe HERE. Make now, thank me later. The day after Thanksgiving, toast with butter and use for turkey sandwiches. You’re welcome.

Get the recipe HERE.

Pumpkin Pie

Again, we’re all about not reinventing the wheel. Get you some Libby’s pure pumpkin, turn the can around, and thereabouts is the recipe. I make both my pies the night before so it’s one less thing to work on the day of and the oven’s free. Serve with whipped cream (from a can, because we’re high-class like that).

Get the recipe HERE.

Pecan Pie

My favorite recipe is (again) a Southern Living one, Mom’s Pecan Pie. (Which, frankly, is an awful name for a recipe – who’s mother? Not mine, but you wouldn’t know that if you saw it that way in my recipe collection or heard me talking about it. Confusing and a half. Anyway.) Serve with vanilla bean ice cream, because it’s a holiday and we like to be all fancy-like.

Get the recipe HERE.

My favorite part of dishing up? Breaking out the “real” china and table linens. (See how I display them the other 364 days a year HERE.) And watch next Monday for a wrap-up of my Thanksgiving decorations. Because they wouldn’t be my décor items if I wasn’t putting them out within 72 hours of the actual event.


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