Ain’t no Christmas ’till the turkey’s gone

Fast & easy Thanksgiving decor

I may have put them up later than I’d like, but by golly, Thanksgiving decorations still happen in this house. The Christmas tree? Always goes up the Saturday after turkey day. Always. There would need to be a major life event happening this time of year for me to consider changing that (but that’s just me — if you want to put your tree up in October, rock on). Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday — it’s simple, it’s relaxed and it’s all about being grateful and counting your blessings. We could use more of those days.

Fast & easy Thanksgiving decor

Rolling along with my foyer table, I just made a few tweaks using items I already had around the house. I kept the lamp and the burlap-and-lace banner as usual; the stuffed turkey and harvest burlap banner I found in clearance last year at Meijer while stocking stuffer shopping. The mini pumpkins were picked up last month during our annual pumpkin patch family outing, and they’re still kicking. The faux acorns I picked up at Walmart when I hosted my first Thanksgiving several years ago, and the glass jars I’ve had for ages — same for the butterscotch candle (you can see the acorns and the candle in action on my Thanksgiving table HERE).

Fast & easy Thanksgiving decor

I switched out the October Anne of Green Gables quote (see source and more on my Halloween decorations HERE) with a grateful heart printable from Landee See, Landee Do.

Fast & easy Thanksgiving decor

I kept the yellow faux hydrangeas, but swapped out my Trick or Treat burlap bag for an old butter churn that I inherited from my grandma, and added some dark brown and green hydrangeas instead.

Fast & easy Thanksgiving decor

I replaced my third barn star on the wall, and swapped out my Lizzie Kate Halloween cross-stitch for a vintage wooden frame, also inherited from my grandma years ago, which holds a burlap-look Thanksgiving definition printable from Craftily Ever After. I’ve had this saved on my computer for years and I’m FINALLY getting around to displaying it! The frame has some nicks, but I actually like the chippy look of it.

There you have it! Turkey day decor that can be put up in the time it takes guests to drive over to your house. May you all have a wonderful, calm Thanksgiving 2014.

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