One month, 31 photos

December 2014 photo-a-day challenge inspiration

I’ve wanted to do a photo-a-day challenge for awhile, but keep forgetting to start until, say, the 17th. Or, I can’t decide between the 7,395 challenges available. But, in an effort to check one more item off the 2014 bucket list, I finally chose one and managed to jump on board on Day 1 (at 9 p.m., but still). Like writing prompts, I’m hoping it will stretch my creative and imaginative muscles and get me in the habit of documenting snippets of daily life — so I might actually put those Project Life kits I keep buying each January to use.

I’m participating in The Life of B’s “December Photo a Day: 31 Days of Holiday Cheer in Pictures.” I love that she offers two different prompts — one that’s open-ended, and one that’s more concrete. I’m going open-ended (note the word challenge, above). Follow along on my Instagram: @sensibleaudrey.

One month, one season, 31 photos that capture it all. Join me!


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