Home for the holidays

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

I’m three for three on holiday decorations for my foyer this year — it might be a new record. (Check out my Halloween and Thanksgiving décor.)

The same rules applied: something easy, fast and simple that matched the layout of my foyer decorations and used things already found around the house or in storage. It took me less than an hour to put together.

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

The cross-stitch subway art is part of Lizzie Kate’s Christmas double-flip series, and I stitched it several years ago. Love this style.

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

I swapped out the book stack for some green vintage childhood readers, which actually have touches of red on the spine and covers — perfect. I found them at this year’s local Vintage in the Valley rummage sale (shameless Junior League shoutout) and picked them up for Owen’s big boy room, which is in progress. (And by in progress, I mean it’s in my head.) Tied it with some red grosgrain ribbon and added a felt Christmas tree that originally came with one of our stockings from Lands’ End, but we’ve been using different stockings since I purchased those (I have a history of waffling on stocking choices. Don’t judge.) It has my husband’s first initial on it, but I still think the effect is cute so I ignore that part :).

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

I used THIS chalkboard Christmas printable from Nest of Posies in a 4×6 frame (I think I found it at Target years ago?), and the rustic snowman is actually a tealight candle holder. I got it as a gift a few years ago. The green disk pitcher is an original Fiestaware, handed down to me by my grandmother. She got it as a wedding gift in 1949 — love the history there. I added my regular faux hydrangeas usually seen in my monogrammed milk pail.

The large glass cloche is from World Market. I filled it with cheap red ornaments I picked up during an after-Christmas sale at Target years ago. I turned the cloche upside down, added the ornaments, and used a piece of cardboard I had cut just to size to sit over the bottom, so when I turned it upside down, there was some stability to the display. The cardboard piece tucks in enough that you can’t see it, and it gives the bottom a nice even burlap color through the glass.

I felt like the scene needed a little something moore, so I intended to find a printable banner. (I loved the idea of THIS one using cupcake liners, but didn’t have enough red ones on hand and I wasn’t feeling a trip to the store.) Never got around to it — leaves something to aspire to for next year, right?

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

Christmas is, thus far, the only holiday I decorate anywhere else in the house. In the dining room, I have a six-foot tree that holds all of my “vintage” ornaments — those given as gifts, made by Owen, etc. My aunt/godmother has given me an ornament every year since I was born, my husband and I both have our “first” baby ornaments, wedding ornaments, etc. Those live here. It’s my favorite tree.

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

Our “main” tree hangs out in the living room, and looks lovely, but is a source of contention on two fronts. My husband gives it the evil eye since last year, when its “Constant On” prelit lights suddenly stopped being constantly anything, but only in sections, causing him to have to completely unwire it this year and string regular lights back on it. Since my living room is in transition décor-wise, I’m not committing to ornaments or decorations until I know what color scheme I want — I’m in love with these white, burlap versions. Between a busy holiday season, an active three-year-old and general pregnancy exhaustion my desire to put up more ornaments also came to a screeching halt. Which I’m okay with.

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

Across the mantle, I added a prelit garland and our stocking holders, found at Target a few years ago. I plan to spray-paint them something non-gold for next year, and add some rubber backing to the bottoms so they don’t move around as much. Our stockings are from Pottery Barn, but match our old living room color scheme of red and beige so I see new ones in our future. I’m loving burlap ones.

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

Our dining room sideboard — also in transition, as it needs to be refinished and painted to match the updated table and chairs — holds my Willow Tree nativity set, a gift last year. I love THIS idea on Instagram about how to display it using crates!

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

I also have our collection of Christmas cards…strewn about. Sigh. I can’t decide how I want to display them, and this was the space that made the most sense. Ideas I’m loving at the moment: an ornament-filled box, a yarn-wrapped canister and anything resembling a tree.

Owen gets his own tree as well, just a little bit of cheer to brighten his room. He also has his bin of Christmas books, enough for a new one each day (if he ever would let someone read him a different book each day!). You can see that list HERE.

Fast & easy Christmas decorations | The Sensible Home

Last but not least, I replaced my pierced porcelain plate in the kitchen — the one with the vinyl quote I made using my Silhouette — with this cross-stitch I made in 2009 (the pattern is Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Designs). I love this series — there’s one for each season, and I think they’re up to two or three for some seasons now. I have a winter one on a lovely blue fabric that I’ve finished, but not framed. The kitchen is also home to this cute glitter tree from Target, picked up back when my kitchen was dark purple (Yes, dark purple. And it rocked.). Might still work now, but it competes with the cross-stitch so for now it lives on the kitchen table. Also a work in progress, as hopefully 2015 will bring me a built-in banquette. Goals…

That’s our home for the holidays — simple, and sensible. I think it’s a great decorating start for holidays to come. How about you?

I’ve linked up to the Nesting Place‘s 2014 Christmas Tour of Homes — be sure to visit it for tons more holiday decorating and crafting ideas!


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