An organized way to shop ’till you drop

Although I’ve often referred to Christmas as my organization Kryptonite — maybe a 2015 goal should be to actually plan ahead for this holiday, like I do everything else? — I do have a couple of handles on efficiency when it comes to December. One of those is my gift tracker. We have our own family unit to buy for, plus two sets of immediate family, several extended family members and friends, as well as teachers and babysitters. If I don’t write it all down I’ll (a) never get it done on time and (b) never remember what I give from year to year. With so many of us living in different states, I also have to take into consideration who we’ll see in person and who needs their gift mailed. And it doesn’t hurt to keep a running tally to make sure I stay within a reasonable budget. Happy shopping!

Christmas Gift Shopping List Template by The Sensible Home

P.S. Traveling for the holidays? Don’t forget your gifts — use my travel planner printables to make your list and check it twice.


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