Winter survival kit swap

chionophobia [n]: the extreme dislike or fear of snow. Originates from Greek chion meaning snow and phobos meaning fear, aversion or dread.

I grew up so far south of the snow belt that even the threat of snow — say, a couple flurries were seen 200 miles west — would cause a 2-day school cancellation. The few times we were graced with the white stuff, it was a day of celebration and merriment, since no one dared leave their yards or do anything ordinary.

Word to the wise: If you intend to leave such a homeland for your husband’s native city 700 miles north, do not make the move in January. You will wind up commuting home from work on an already unfamiliar Interstate in a blinding snowstorm, unable to see the car in front of you, trying not to take an exit to Canada. Wine will not help.

Before the move, I thought snow was a lovely, rare act of nature designed to create a day of rest. After the move, I came to hate snow more than the Grinch hates the Whos in Whoville. The fact that the only place it seemed to melt was on your person, leaving you damp and frizzy. The fact that despite hours of shoveling and brushing and stomping, no calories were lost. The fact that the sun never made appearances on days ending in y. The fact that, between clearing your car and maneuvering questionably-clear streets, it took an extra half-hour to get anywhere. I hated every glistening little snowflake.

So, when fellow blogger Emma Grace Carsey offered to coordinate a Winter Survival Swap, it seemed the perfect opportunity to shake off my winter gloomies and embrace the chilly season instead. (Having relocated a few years ago to a milder climate between our two extremes has also proved better than therapy.) Thanks, Emma!

Using the popular Christmas gift exchange rules of Something you want, Something you need, Something you wear and Something you read, here’s what I came up with:

Winter survival kit ideas | The Sensible Home

Something you want

Cookie mix and cookie cutters. (I love the products from the Women’s Bean Project, and love their mission.)

Microwaveable soup mug, with lid, and a few dry soup mixes

Hot chocolate mix

Winter survival kit ideas | The Sensible Home

Something you need

Heavy-duty hand and foot cream (My favorites are Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Cream and Curel Hand Cream. I keep one on my desk at work and another on my nightstand. They’re long-lasting but absorb immediately with no greasy feeling.)

Lip balm

iTunes gift card (for downloading some new apps, movies, music, etc. while stuck inside)

Snow/ice windshield cover shield (I SO could have used one of these when we lived in the snowbelt sans garage!)

Winter survival kit ideas | The Sensible Home

Something you wear

Ear band

Hot Hands

Winter survival kit ideas | The Sensible Home

Something you read

Country Living Magazine

Knitting pocket guide (found this in the Walmart crafting aisle) with two skeins of yarn


Excuse my camera’s shoddy work here — that’s what I get for changing the settings, then forgetting I’d changed the settings.

I’m off to learn a new snow dance — because snow days are again a possibility.


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