I just love the smell of fresh Post-its on Jan. 1

I just love the new year. What’s not to love about stacks of magazines filled with fresh organizing tips arriving all at once? And blank planners. And new Post-it Notes. Proud Type A, raising hand over here.

I have lots of goals and ideas for this little corner of blogland in 2015, but first, here are the posts that were the most popular in 2014. (Clearly, the Toy Story trend is still alive and well.)

Toy Story birthday party | The Sensible Home

Christmas quiet book | The Sensible Home

Go Dog Go birthday party | The Sensible Home

Annual household chore system tickler file | The Sensible Home

DIY embellished clipboards | The Sensible Home

Turquoise fuschia home office | The Sensible Home

dropcloth curtain fail

cleaning vera bradley bags

  • Paisley productivity (cleaning Vera Bradley bags) Now, if I could just get the luggage closet project off the ground.

Turquoise & fuchsia laundry room | The Sensible Home

Shabby chic foyer table chalk paint beachy cottage feel white wooden coat rack diy chalkboard vinyl

There’s nothing like looking back on your year to remind yourself you were more productive than you thought. Cheers to the new year!


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