A few of my favorite things

There are still 12 hours left to be reflective on 2014, and I’m all about maximizing time. Yesterday, I posted about my most popular blog posts during 2014 (some of which were posted the year prior); now, I’m sharing my list of which posts were my personal favorites, specifically from the last 12 months. (But I do still love those souped-up clipboard gifts.)

best productivity apps websites tools

10 Productivity Tools You’ll Love

Because I love organizing. And streamlining. And apps. This is also one of the first posts I was able to work on from my newly-redesigned home office, the first time I’ve lived somewhere that has such a space.

Hey Y'all Wall Art

Hey Y’all

My DIY entryway art with a Southern flair makes me smile every time I walk past it (which is a lot), and it took one naptime to create. I love that it was very easy and is very me.

mother's day & kitchen stories

The stories my kitchen tells

One of my personal goals for this blog is to let it be a space where I can continue stretching my creative writing muscles to complement my day job in communications. I could stand to do quite a bit more of that, but this post was one attempt. If you want to know what my blog’s about, read this.

sage white burlap dining room

China cabinet stylin’

I was apparently the last house-hunter on earth who was overjoyed to find both (a) a separate dining room and (b) built-in corner china cabinets, and getting them styled was one of the first house decorating projects I finished. I’m still so happy with how they turned out.

Craftsman-inspired silver sage & chocolate nursery

Sage-and-chocolate nursery throwback

As I get ready to create another nursery this spring, I’m even more sentimental about Owen’s original nursery in our old house. I spent a LOT of time planning and executing it, and I still remember finishing the paper stars hanging above his changing table, two weeks before my due date, and thinking, “Now what?”

how to get a toddler ready for school the sensible home

How to get a toddler ready for school

Seriously, I need to keep better notes and make this a series. Small children are a hoot, and oftentimes more fun to talk to than adults.

There were plenty of other parties and projects I’m fond of, from the husband’s 30th birthday recap to using my vintage Junior League cookbooks as functional kitchen décor, but these are the highlights.

I’m off to find my new Post-its and make an IKEA list. Bring it, 2015.


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