Organization overload

31-day home organization challenge | The Sensible Home

Happy new year! I’m so ready to get 2015 rolling. This year, house projects and organization are top on my priority list. I love the idea of organization challenges, but many of the ones I’ve seen include areas that don’t apply to me or aren’t concern areas in my house. I don’t have junk drawers; but I have plenty of other problem children. 31 of them, in fact. So, I decided to create my own organization challenge (see list below). I scheduled bigger projects for weekends and smaller tasks for weekdays, since I only have evenings to work on those days. It’s an ambitious list, but my goal is just to get started — make some sort of step inward — on each of these by the end of the month.

31 day home organization challenge | The Sensible Home

Today: I’m tackling the linen closet. We’re blessed with great storage in our master bathroom, but despite my initial efforts to declutter it, we’ve taken to literally throwing stuff in there. And now you can’t find anything when you need it. I’ll be updating here as we go!

Jan. 1 Linen closet
Jan. 2 Pantry
Jan. 3 Home décor
Jan. 4 Baby supplies
Jan. 5 Paper files
Jan. 6 Donations
Jan. 7 Tupperware
Jan. 8 Cards
Jan. 9 Pet supplies
Jan. 10 Toys
Jan. 11 Fridge & freezer
Jan. 12 Laundry supplies
Jan. 13 Beneath kitchen sink
Jan. 14 Bakeware
Jan. 15 TV console & end tables
Jan. 16 Kids’ artwork
Jan. 17 Office supplies
Jan. 18 Cleaning supplies
Jan. 19 Luggage
Jan. 20 Memorabilia
Jan. 21 Holiday decorations
Jan. 22 Art supplies
Jan. 23 Board games
Jan. 24 Craft materials
Jan. 25 Desk
Jan. 26 Movies, music & games
Jan. 27 Pots & pans
Jan. 28 Tools & hardware
Jan. 29 Beneath bathroom sinks
Jan. 30 Gift supplies
Jan. 31 Photos

What are you planning and organizing this year?


3 thoughts on “Organization overload

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