Aim high: 2015 goals

If January dates are still in single digits, I can still say happy new year, right? I’ve finally drafted my 2015 goals and chosen my word for the year: dynamic. There’s lots going on, and I’m feeling a lot of momentum and positive energy. (Hopefully I can also channel some of that to the good ol’ Chicago Cubs. This is the year!)

Here are some goal highlights worth having some public accountability:

2015 goals

Spend less on food and home/health items. We use Mint for keeping track of our finances and budgeting, and I love it in part because it’s free and provides lots of data in terms of where your money is going. For us, food and home and hygiene items seem to always top the list, and I feel like those are easy areas to find more savings. I plan to try the DIY route with several things, like hand soap. Anyone have great resources to recommend?

2015 goals

Improve my meal planning system and stick with it. I’ve been a meal planner for several years, although my systems is not perfect by any means. Many times, I have good intentions that I just don’t follow through with. I’m hoping to buckle down and be more intentional (and realistic) with our meals, make them healthier and prevent the “let’s just grab something” money suck. It doesn’t happen as much as it could, or as much as it used to, but I’d still like to see it reduced. We’re buying a second freezer in anticipation of baby milk storage needs, so I’m hoping to start doing more freezer meal stockpiling.

2015 goals

Make a dent in some “big” house projects. Top of mind: Decorating and furnishing our living room and master bedroom, and finishing our kitchen and dining room. The boys’ bedrooms are definitely happening, so I’ll be tackling those first, without making them a separate goal. We’ll also be relocating the husband’s home office and incorporating it with a basement man cave, next door to a “mom cave” craft space. Ambitious enough?

2015 goals

My reading goal for this year is 15 books. It seems like a low number, but given my current season of life, it’s practical, and would nearly double the number of books I got through in 2014. I spent 6-8 hours each day nursing Owen in the early days, so having a few good books for Baby No. 2 will help keep me awake. I’m still using Goodreads to track my progress and give recommendations.

2015 goals

Invest some time in my crafting hobbies; namely, cross-stitching and sewing. I hope to finish my current stitching project (The ABC’s of Parenting sampler by Lizzie Kate), slated for the boys’ playroom, and start/finish another, most likely something for the nursery. I also hope to enroll in an online sewing class so I can spend more time creating with and less time cursing at my machine.

I’ve found several goal-setting worksheets on Pinterest for creating specific objectives and timelines for each of these so they have a better chance of coming to fruition. Need some help drafting your 2015 goals? Here’s the planning sheet I use.


3 thoughts on “Aim high: 2015 goals

  1. Yeah, I have that problem with coupons on food, too. Usually have better luck with toiletry/home stuff. But that being said, I’ve noticed lately they’re doing coupons on things like frozen vegetables, tea, etc. And with Cartwheel, you’re not going to save a ton of money, but you know, every little bit helps! In fact, the other day, I got 30% of a Pyrex baking set that was already on sale using Cartwheel. Originally $32, got it for $18–think it was the best Cartwheel deal I’ve ever used! It seems like my friends who have kids save more with Cartwheel (if they have it connected through facebook you can see what deals your friends use); might just be a function of they have to buy more stuff than me, though.
    The nice thing about the Shopkick app, is you don’t have to buy anything– you can get “kicks” for walking into the place and checking in on the app. You turn in the kicks for gift certificates. Takes awhile for them to add up, but still–free!


  2. Whew! And I’m pretty proud of myself when I remember to turn the dishwasher on! 😉

    I don’t know where you get your groceries, but if you shop at Target don’t have Target’s cartwheel app, get it. It’s free, and you can scan items as you go through the store to see if there is a deal on them, so you’re not tempted to buy extra stuff just because it’s on sale. also has coupons. I also use for coupons, when I online shop, and the Checkout51 and Shopkick app, although Checkout 51 has been disappointing lately. I don’t go nuts with coupons… just skim the sites before I go shopping to see if there are any for things I was going to buy anyway.

    Have you considered audiobooks? Might be easier– can listen while you’re doing other things.

    Closet looks great, btw. Want to come do mine? jk…sort of. 😉


    • Love it, thank you! I never seem to find coupons for the stuff i actually buy — I don’t need to stock up on Cool Whip and refeigerated cookie dough, you know? I have Cartwheel but forget to look at it — I’ll have to try it more seriously.


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