DIY Yarn-wrapped letters

DIY yarn-wrapped letters

For my first-ever post written while holding a sleeping baby, I’m opting for something short and sweet. Kind of like the baby. (Except he’s growing like a weed and I doubt he’ll grow to be so short, but I digress.)

DIY yarn-wrapped letters{Before}

Filed under “Projects I didn’t even put on my pre-baby to-do list because I doubted I’d get to it but then somehow did,” I updated the yarn-wrapped letters in Owen’s playroom to be a bit more equal-opportunity minded, replacing his name with the more generic — yet equally cute — PLAY. (See the original room reveal HERE.)

DIY yarn-wrapped letters

I didn’t try to be a perfectionist here — no hot glue or craft glue, just a bit of Scotch tape at the yarn starting point and then wrapped like a crazy lady until they were covered. I left the tops and bottoms open — the former because I was slightly lazy/hearing the nesting call to finish all the things, the latter because they stand up unassisted better that way. You also can’t see either given their placement on the wall shelf, so no point in slaving over details that aren’t noticed anyway. Now I just need to update the picture on the left — that baby isn’t the baby anymore!

Here’s to many more hours of playtime in a space all their own.

DIY yarn-wrapped letters{Real life, right here.}


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